Nature's Edge "Volunteer Rockstars" honored

Four "Volunteer Rockstar" honorees recognized at Nature's Edge in 2015

During 2015 four Nature's Edge volunteers were selected as "Volunteer Rockstars" by Volunteer Wisconsin. They were Barb Flouro, Clara Pask, Louise Buchmann and Brooke Hrabak. Volunteers at Nature's Edge fill many roles, and these volunteers have used their abilities to contribute creativity and depth to our programs. The four volunteers who were honored during 2015 fullfill many functions. All have helped out with fundraising events and with our therapy programs, during sessions, in the barn and with the animals. Barb Flouro serves as volunteer coordinator at Nature's Edge and is our equine massage therapist. Barb is certified with Bandit (therapy dog) as a Pet Partner team and sponsors Svali, one of our therapy horses. Clara Pask serves as media specialist. Louise Buchmann and Barb Flouro work with staff at Nature's Edge to coordinate and lead the summer "Reminiscing on the Farm" program. Louise is also sponsor of Princess, our newest cat at Nature's Edge. Brooke Hrabak, a high school student, has become a regular who helps out with the animals and in the barn and is often available to accompany new volunteers.