Large, fluffy sheep looking at the camera
Benny, Therapy Sheep

Benny is our “grumpy old man” disguised as a sheep, but if you ask him he believes he’s a dog. If you can’t find Benny outside eating grass and wondering the yard, there is a good chance he’s hiding in the barn either in his pen or in the pig house, which he likes to kick the pigs out of. Benny recently gained two new younger friends, Harry and Helen, which is how he gained his grumpy old man status. With Benny getting older, he has a little less patience for putting up with the two young punks that have taken over his pen. Benny is a good sport though and shares his space very well. He has helped teach them the good spots to roam for the best grass. Benny also enjoys going for walks and entertaining our Reminiscing on the Farm guests by stealing all the yummy apple crisp.