2020 Summer Group Programs at Nature's Edge

“Summer Learning Out-of-Doors!”

Engage the benefits of summer to focus on healthy development and learning! Let your child unplug from technology this summer and plug into out-of-doors learning at Nature’s Edge!

Click on the image below to learn more about the summer programs being offered in 2020 at Nature’s Edge or scroll down to read more about our 2020 group offerings.

Nature's Edge Therapy Center 2020 summer programs - Rice Lake, Wisconsin



We’re excited to announce our 2020 summer groups to focus on healthy development and learning!  This year we offer courses for all ages. Use these beautiful summer days to unplug from technology and plug into outdoor learning at Nature’s Edge.  Our skilled leaders, beautiful environment, and innovative methods greatly enhances learning and makes it fun to boot!

 This year we are offering 7 programs, 9 groups total.  Full descriptions of what each group entails are below.  For dates and times for each group, click the link to the flyer above.


Fun with Picky Eaters (ages 2 to 5)

This group is for small children who have difficulty with new textures and tastes.  The activities will provide socialization and fun with foods and peers in our ranch setting with support from motivating animals during each session.  Therapy will include learning, playing, and interacting with a variety of foods and textures in a safe, rewarding environment.  

Note:  Children participants must have some beginning language and ability to follow simple directives.


Meet Me at the Reading Tree (ages 5 to 9)

Struggling readers will be actively engaged in outdoor and equine activities to focus on the tasks of hearing, decoding words, recognizing sight words, understanding word and text meanings, and reading with expression.  The barn, forest paths, river, pond, garden, – and of course, the Reading Tree will be learning sites for readers.


Preschool Summer Fun for Children (ages 2 to 5)

This group will enhance basic language development and expand language through peer interaction in a fun ranch setting, incorporating animal-assisted activities with a diversified animal interaction group. This will also include repetitive books, songs, following directions and snacks.


Learning Social Skills on the Ranch (Group 1, ages 7 – 12 / Group 2, ages 13-18)

Outdoor activities integrated with nature and animals (including equine assisted activities) will be used to teach social skills. Eye contact, greetings, making requests, turn taking in conversation, expressing feelings and paying attention to nonverbal communication are themes that will be discussed and role-played. Homework is provided for practice in daily activities.  


Active Outdoor Adventurers (ages 3 to 7)

Outdoor hands-on learning about nature, earth, and environmental activities and play in a social group program.  Emphasis will be placed on following directions, turn taking, and collaborating to complete hands-on learning and physical activity outside.


 ‘Improving our Independence’ (ages 50 and older)

Learn how to become more independent throughout aging. Education will be provided on energy conservation, kitchen/community mobility, and adaptive equipment for dressing/bathing to become more independent or continue our independence safely. Group members will participate in education of fall prevention and how to incorporate exercises to maintain strength or gain strength to carry over for home use while enjoying our beautiful nature environment.

 ‘Stable’ Life Skills – (2 groups, ages 13-17 and ages 18-30)

  • Group 1 (ages 13-17) Participate in ranch and nature-based activities while learning various life skill strategies to support increased independence.  Emphasis will be placed on time management, planning, goal setting, social participation, and team building skills necessary for pre-vocational and vocational skills.
  • Group 2 (ages 18-30) Participants will engage in ranch and nature-based activities while learning various life skill strategies that support increased independence.  Emphasis on time management, money management, goal setting, social participation, cooking, household management, and team building skills necessary for young adults interested in working towards functional independence at home and/or vocational settings.  

Group 2 attendees should be able to complete some basic daily routines independently and may be looking to transition into living independently or within a group setting.


Important Information for all Groups:

All minor-aged group participants must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for all sessions.   Adult participants may be accompanied by guardian, if appropriate. Cost for each group is as listed on the flyer and is non-refundable, except in the case that a group doesn’t meet the minimum number of participants.   Each group has a minimum requirement of 3 participants, and a maximum of 5 participants.  


Feel free to contact us if you have questions.
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