Our family feels so blessed to have found Nature’s Edge Therapy Center. Our daughter, Sydney, is 4½ years old. She was diagnosed with apraxia of speech at age 2. It was just heart-breaking to see her struggle to say any words. We didn’t find out for almost a year that Sydney had been misdiagnosed with hearing loss, so she wore hearing aids for 10 months. During that time she had multiple ear infections, so she was either in extreme pain or had fluid in her ears for the better part of a year. At almost four, Sydney was diagnosed with Sensory Integration Disorder and Pervasive Developmental Disorder. While we were overwhelmed at first, we were relieved to finally have a direction in which to go with Sydney’s therapies. In May of 2008, we found Becky at Nature’s Edge. We were feeling overwhelmed and were looking for help. Our family didn’t know anything about hippotherapy, but we knew about the therapeutic nature of animals in general. The first time we talked to Becky she was so knowledgeable and positive! We had a really good feeling about Nature’s Edge! We were also very fortunate to work with Nancy, who made Sydney feel comfortable right away (which is not an easy task for a stranger)! Sydney loved working with Nancy and made marked progress, especially with balance and coordination. We are so thankful for her knowledge and her hard work! Sydney had made big leaps in speech and language since we started at Nature’s Edge. She was able to try a couple of voice output devices over the summer (to help her say things when the words get stuck) and thanks to Becky, now has one of her own! We’ve seen so many changes in Sydney in the past few months. Her self-esteem and independence have sky-rocketed. Becky and Nancy have helped Sydney realize that she can communicate and do things that every other child can do, and that’s been a real gift. We waited for four and a half years to hear the words “goodnight, I love you” – and it was worth the wait! Our dreams of what’s ahead for Sydney have been revitalized! Thank you Nature’s Edge!