Since we started taking our daughter Kayleigh to therapy with Becky she has come out of her shell. She has turned from a quiet little 3 year old into a “chatty, opinionated 3 year old with attitude." Because my uterus ruptured and Kayleigh was without oxygen for a short time in delivery she was diagnosed with cerebral palsy at just over 2½ years old. We had an evaluation with our school district and speech, OT, and PT therapies were recommended. We tried them through the school and Kayleigh did make some progress. When summer came and Kayleigh would be without therapy for the summer we went looking for an alternative. I heard about Nature's Edge Therapy Center and decided to check it out. From the moment I saw the pictures and read testimonies online I knew that this would be the place for Kayleigh. When we first stepped out of the van we were greeted by Buddy and Kayleigh fell in love! When school started again we made the decision to keep taking Kayleigh to see Becky. The one on one sessions and using the animals as motivation has worked very well. When Kayleigh is up riding "her" horse, or working with Becky I know that she is getting just the work-out she needs. Becky has been a great support and advocate for Kayleigh. She has been such an encouragement for me. Because of her knowledge and support Becky has helped me become a better mom for our wonderful little girl.