My son was diagnosed with ADHD, ODD, PDD-NOS, mood disorder, sensory issues, behavioral and anger issues. He had behavioral problems at public school and was taken out of public school and placed at two other off-site where he would have contact with a teacher and her body guard (these two really tried to help with my son) and no other kids in his class. With a low opinion of himself and his abilities his thinking is, in his own words, "I'm a danger." He loved the exceptional rider in the summer where he participated in the horse show. For him to compete and enjoy himself was truly a step in the right direction. He didn't get first, but what he "got" was confidence and feeling proud of his accomplishments. The changes that have happened within my son since he started at Nature's Edge have been amazing! Although we have a way to go, the sun is definitely starting to shine through. Through working with animals, he has been listening respectfully to me and positively rebuilding his injured self esteem. He's learning how animals live with each other and how the animals deal with stubbornness and patience. The people and animals make my son feel better about himself and are like family to him. Even though he loves to clean out the barn, I still can't still get him to clean his room... -Sue Regenauer, Christopher’s mom