Our son was clinically diagnosed with autism when he was three years old. He spoke very few words, was not potty trained, did not feed himself and only drank from a sippie cup. He had tantrums when we could not understand him or get him what he wanted. He would throw himself on the floor, thrashed around, banged his head, hit and screamed until he got what he wanted. Our son had been in several school programs and there were some improvements. We started him at Nature’s Edge several months later. At our first visit we were warmly greeted by Becky Lundeen who has become a great friend and savior for our son. Within several sessions his tantrums had begun to calm, he had started using more words and the use of pictures to communicate with us. We have been going to Nature’s Edge for about six months and since then our son is fully potty trained, using two to three word phrases, very minimal tantrums, feeds himself an sits at the table and helps clean up and even helps me vacuum! His word usage has greatly increased, he has learned patience and that he will not get what he wants through fits, but through calm behavior and by asking for what he wants. He now calls us mommy and daddy. He never did before and it’s a blessing to come home and to be greeted by our son saying “Hi Mommy, hi Daddy.” We felt our son would never talk, feed himself, or do anything without us. We cried out of sadness and frustration. Now we cry out of happiness and appreciation for all of his appreciation and for all of his accomplishments and the help of Becky, Treasa, and the Nature’s Edge staff. Our hearts go out to them and we greatly encourage any family to take part in Nature’s Edge programs, they have shown us hope and they give you hope too. With our deepest gratitude, -The Poppe Family