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Intensive Speech, Occupational and/or Physical Therapy Integrated with Nature and Animals

Come stay for a week at Diane’s House!

Welcome to Diane’s House, the centerpiece of our intensive therapy program. While we specialize in the Autism Spectrum, Traumatic Brain Injury and Cerebral Palsy, we have intensified therapy for anyone having difficulties and requiring the therapy/therapies we offer. We have provided intensive treatment for Selective Mutism, Childhood Apraxia, and can also treat adults with Stroke, Parkinsons and other diagnoses requiring skilled medical intervention. Diane’s House is a fully accessible, furnished home that gives patients and their families a place to comfortably stay onsite at Nature’s Edge while receiving therapy through our innovative intensive treatment program. 

Because this is a medical intervention, a doctor’s prescription for speech, occupational, and/or physical therapy must be provided with patient intake forms. Before the Diane’s House visit takes place, an initial individualized treatment plan for the patient is developed by Nature’s Edge therapists collaborating with family members and other treating professionals. The initial plan highlights essential and functional goals in communication and daily living skills, to produce greater gains in independence and integration in home, school and community. The week of therapy at Diane’s House focuses on achieving the practical skills and goals outlined in the treatment plan and provides for a lifetime of benefits for patient and family with carryover into the home setting.

During the first day of the Diane’s House visit,  our licensed therapists provide in-depth evaluations, further tailoring and clarifying the individualized treatment plan to address the unique needs and goals of patient and family. Then an immersive schedule of therapy begins, which involves the entire family in the treatment plan as well, providing comprehensive tools and life skills for everyday application and resources for personal and familial growth. Diane’s House visits may be scheduled for shorter time periods than one week. Please call us at (715)859-6670 for more information.

Each Diane’s House visit is unique in treatment plan and structure. Therapy sessions for the patient and family may include topics and treatment strategies such as:

  • Caregiver education and training
  • Meal preparation, planning, and dining
  • Music and art enrichment activities
  • Community outing activities
  • Hippotherapy (and/or equine-assisted therapy)
  • Interaction with other therapy animals
  • Outdoor sensory play
  • Augmentative and alternative communication devices

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See a Sample Schedule

Here is a sample therapy schedule for a week at Diane’s House, our intensive treatment program for families dealing with autism and similar disorders.  Since each Diane’s House visit is unique, each visit’s schedule is developed to reflect individual family needs and the therapists and other staff members involved in the visit. Visits may be scheduled for time periods shorter than one week.

Photo of a girl working on a tablet and a boy proudly displaying his artwork, both patients at Nature's Edge Therapy Center in Rice Lake, WI.

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A donation to Diane’s House helps us to provide intensive therapies and services to those who need it most. If you would like to donate directly to Diane’s House, please click the button below.

Intensive Therapy, Lifelong Benefits

Studies show that children with autism and similar disorders who receive intensive therapy can experience greater gains from early treatment, resulting in increased social functioning throughout their lifetime. Diane’s House, our intensive treatment program at Nature’s Edge, focuses on essential daily self-care skills and on communication and social skills like sharing emotions through facial expressions and eye contact. Success in achieving these everyday activities can greatly ease the stresses within a family, and provide long-term strategies for a better quality of life.

Early Intervention Improves Development

At Diane’s House, we accept children as young as two years of age for treatment (there is no upper age limit), and we encourage caregivers of children with special needs to contact us as early as possible to schedule a complete evaluation. Our intensive treatment program provides toddlers and young children with an excellent foundation for sustained development through improved communication and daily living skills. Multiplied by a family’s love and understanding, these benefits can truly transform and result in increased integration and independence.

Our Namesake for Diane's House

Diane’s personal legacy of warmth and love for people and animals is the foundation of this home constructed in her memory. It is our vision that for years to come, families will recreate their own loving home under this roof while planting the seeds for harmonious growth and continued development for their loved one with disabilities.

Diane's House - Family Therapy for Autism, Brain Injury, Cerebral Palsy and More

We truly believe that Diane’s House – our intensive treatment program at Nature’s Edge – is one of the most unique and beneficial options in the nation. We invite you to contact us at Nature’s Edge with any questions about therapy at Diane’s House, our intensive treatment program for autism and other disorders.

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Diane’s House FAQs

Read through our FAQs to learn the answers to some commonly asked questions about our intensive therapy program at Diane’s House.

Diane’s House – Our First Family

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