Welcome to Farm Animal-Facilitated Therapy for Veterans: Fostering Social Communication and Connection

At our center, we understand the unique challenges faced by veterans transitioning back to civilian life. We recognize the importance of providing a supportive and understanding environment where veterans and their caregivers can heal, connect, and thrive. Our Farm Animal-Facilitated Therapy program offers a holistic approach to rehabilitation, incorporating the healing power of nature and animal companionship.

Our Approach

Through tailored activities and interactive sessions, we aim to foster social communication skills, promote emotional well-being, and cultivate a sense of connection among veterans and their caregivers. Our diverse community of 47 animals, including horses, goats, chickens, and more, provides a safe and nurturing space for participants to engage in therapeutic experiences.

Equine-Assisted Interactions

Central to our program are Equine-Assisted Interactions (EAI), where veterans have the opportunity to engage with our gentle and intuitive horses. Under the guidance of experienced facilitators, participants learn to navigate emotional challenges, develop trust and empathy, and cultivate effective communication skills through interactions with these majestic creatures.

Testimonial From Tom

“I’m an army veteran, I served during the Vietnam Era from 1967-1970. When I got out of the service the people who served were treated like animals, people were protesting, spitting on military personnel, and calling them baby killers. None of these people had served our country, but they enjoyed the freedom we fought for. Today, the same people are finally figuring out that freedom is not free. I am glad to see there are places like [Your Ranch Name] who have a program where veterans can come and share stories with other veterans and enjoy working with the animals while not feeling judged. I hope this program will only get bigger and better as it gets known by more veterans.” – Veteran Tom

Join Us!

We invite veterans and their caregivers to join us at Nature’s Edge Therapy Center and experience the healing power of Farm Animal-Facilitated Therapy firsthand. Our compassionate team is here to guide you on your journey to healing and connection. Contact Us today to learn more about our programs and schedule your visit.