Outpatient Therapy at Nature's Edge

Specializing in autismtraumatic brain injury and cerebral palsy, fully-licensed speech, occupational and physical therapists at Nature’s Edge provide outpatient therapy services for patients of all ages, facing a wide variety of disabilities or disorders. In addition to conventional speech, occupational and physical therapy techniques, our specially-trained staff employs three extraordinary strategies to intensify treatment and promote functional outcomes –hippotherapyanimal-assisted therapy and horticulture therapy – while incorporating the natural environment of our 65-acre ranch.

Speech, occupational and physical therapy interventions integrating strategies like hippotherapy, hands-on animal interactions in the barn, harvesting in the garden or walking on a forest path all provide sensory frameworks rich in motivation and physical strengthening and pliable for conversation and application, resulting in highly effective speech, occupational and physical therapy that produces significant gains. Our goal through outpatient therapy is to provide patients and their family/caregiver the skills necessary to achieve independence and integration to the highest degree possible.


How do I get started?

Follow the 4 steps below to initiate speech, occupational and/or physical therapy outpatient treatment at Nature’s Edge for your loved one with disabilities:

First, download and print New Patient Intake Forms and fill them out as completely as possible.

Second, obtain a prescription from your doctor that includes the following information:

  •  The patient’s name and date of birth
  •  A statement that reads  “(Speech/Occupational/Physical) Therapy to Evaluate and Treat as indicated”
  •  The current diagnosis(es) of the patient
  •  Contact information for the physician including address, phone and fax number
  •  Physician’s signature and date

, gather all the forms, the prescription and an IEP (Individualized Education Plan) or other care plan and prior therapy reports or physician reports, if available, and mail (or fax) the information to Nature’s Edge.

Fourth, check with your insurance company to determine whether our services will be covered.

Once all your paperwork is received, the prescribed therapist(s) will review the information.  Within two weeks, our office manager will contact you to set up an appointment for an evaluation for each type of therapy prescribed.  Each evaluation will take approximately two hours.

It is helpful to come to the evaluation with a typical daily or weekly schedule for the patient, as well as a list of “likes” and “dislikes” pertaining to foods, sensitivities, etc. One-hour sessions per therapy will be scheduled 1-3 times per week, according to the treatment plan that is established from the evaluation.


Why we’re different

Our outpatient therapy services require a physician’s order, just as clinical therapy services do, but our methods take our patients’ therapy sessions beyond the typical clinical setting to one that is vitalizing, motivating, safe – and natural.

We strongly believe that the integrative approach employed at Nature’s Edge makes us unique, and invests patients and families with functional skills and strategies for increased independence and integration well beyond those provided by traditional programs.

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