Photo of brown horse with its forelock in its eyes and a brown leather halter, looking at the camera. The horse is saddled up.
Gymir, Therapy Horse

Gymir is a chestnut Icelandic with a beautiful, long, full mane. Icelandics are known for having one of the smoothest gaits; however, Gymir is unaware of this fact and we haven’t mentioned it to him either; his bumpier gait can be useful for therapy. Gymir is a favorite for smaller patients as he has a lot of patience and very forgiving. Gymir also loves to knock cones over instead of weaving around them, giving the kids a good giggle. In 2003, Gymir was awarded the Saint Skutla Award for Icelandic Service Horse after being nominated by one of our patient’s families.


Donated by Eva Paloheimo