More than simply spending time with an animal, Animal-Assisted Therapy (AAT) is a therapist-guided experience designed to improve a patient’s mental, physical, social and emotional functioning. At Nature’s Edge, our therapy animals include dogs, cats, chinchillas, donkeys, llamas, pot-bellied pigs, cows, parrots and ferrets, each chosen for their characteristics in relation to the patient’s specific goals.
For example, a patient with difficulty in the areas of concentration, communication and fine motor control will be encouraged to pay attention to a story.  The patient is then introduced to a parrot and will take turns with the parrot, repeating specific words and turning pages, as directed by the therapist.
Each animal-assisted therapy session is documented and the patient’s progress is evaluated on an ongoing basis.
What are the benefits of animal-assisted therapy?
Improved fine motor skills
Improved wheelchair skills
Improved balance
Lower blood pressure
Increased verbal interaction
Increased attention skills
Development of leisure skills
Increased self-esteem
Reduced anxiety
Reduced loneliness
Increased vocabulary
Improved long- and short-term memory
Improved knowledge of concepts, such as size, color, etc.
Wisconsin specialists in animal-assisted therapy
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