Month: September 2017

Rice Lake Community Health Foundation awards matching funds grant for patient scholarships to Nature’s Edge

IMG_0506Nature’s Edge Therapy Center has been awarded a $20,000 matching grant from the Rice Lake Community Health Foundation (RLCHF), designated for patient scholarships for therapy sessions.  Each eligible patient may receive up to 12 treatment sessions funded by the RLCHF grant.  The Foundation will disburse grant funding to Nature’s Edge for scholarship distribution as it is matched by contributions designated for Nature’s Edge.  Donors are invited to contribute to the Nature’s Edge match.
The RLCHF grant award provides an exceptional opportunity for patients with financial need to receive therapy at Nature’s Edge.  At Nature’s Edge, therapists focus on the development of skills necessary for each patient to achieve the highest possible level of independence and integration into school, family and society.  Incorporating the natural setting, therapy animals and especially horses into treatment motivates and accelerates progress.  Through the generosity and partnership of RLCHF and Nature’s Edge donors, this scholarship opportunity is available for patients.

Contribute to this match! Your gift will be matched at 150% . . .
Please consider making a donation to match the $20,000 grant.  Through the generosity of the Foundation, the entire $20,000 scholarship package comes to Nature’s Edge to assist patients for only $13,333 of contributions to be raised, because RLCHF has agreed to match $1.50 for every dollar designated to Nature’s Edge.  Every dollar that you contribute becomes $2.50 for someone waiting for therapy.  Write out your contribution to RLCHF (Rice Lake Community Health Foundation) and indicate “Nature’s Edge” on the memo line for patients to receive scholarships.  Checks can be mailed to Nature’s Edge, 2523 14 3/4 Ave., Rice Lake, WI  54868.  Your generosity places scholarships into the hands of patients who need them at Nature’s Edge.

At Nature’s Edge, licensed and certified therapists combine conventional treatment methods with innovative techniques such as hippotherapy (the horse as a treatment tool), animal-assisted therapy and horticulture therapy.  Treatment is provided on the Nature’s Edge 65-acre ranch, a natural setting that includes forest, field, river and hills and is home to 26 therapy animals available for inclusion in treatment sessions.  Therapists at Nature’s Edge treat a wide spectrum of disabilities while specializing in the treatment of autism, brain injury and cerebral palsy.

RLCHF Awards NETC Matching Grant

We are honored to announce that the Rice Lake Community Health Foundation (RLCHF) has generously awarded Nature’s Edge a matching grant of $20,000 designated to patient scholarships. This matching grant has the potential to benefit at least 11 patients with 12 therapy sessions each at no cost. The award of the $20,000 matching grant is a huge leap of progress, but it is “Step One” in a two-step process. In order to secure $20,000 of scholarships for our patients, Nature’s Edge donors must contribute matching funds. However, the match for every donation is better than dollar-for-dollar! RLCHF is offering to match every $1 contributed by our donors with $1.50 of scholarship funds. To bring home the entire $20,000 scholarship package, Nature’s Edge Therapy Center must raise $13,333. RLCHF is prepared to begin distribution of matching funds as of September 15, 2017. My special request to you is to respond as generously and quickly as possible with a donation so that we can begin to distribute scholarships to our patients right after Sept. 15!