Month: May 2017

Did you vote today? Less than one month left!

Nature’s Edge has steadily been climbing and is currently sitting in 13th place! Thank you ALL so much for your votes and SHARING! ┬áJust under one month of continued voting left. In the past 2 weeks we have gained 7 places and some days we average 240 votes a day. In order to move up now, we NEED MORE VOTES! This provides us a choice on the horse- YOU CAN HELP US WITH THAT TOO, check out the Gift Horse webpage and tell us who you like and would like to meet! Click here to vote daily (once every 24 hours) for Nature’s Edge Therapy Center! Voting will continue through 12 pm EST on June 15th!
The top 20 centers with the most votes will be given a Gypsy Gift Horse from LexLin Gypsy Ranch. Visit for program details.
Please VOTE DAILY and SHARE OFTEN to support Gypsy Gift and your favorite center!

Don’t Forget to Keep Voting!

Nature’s Edge is currently in 19th place with over 2,400 votes. To remain in the top 20 we still need your votes daily. Why is the horse and your vote DAILY essential to Natures Edge? We carefully choose our horses for their temperament and the type of movement they produce. All are specifically trained for their unique role within therapy sessions and are guided by professional horse handlers, which optimizes safety and effectiveness. The horse through Hippotherapy (only completed by a trained Speech, Occupational or Physical Therapist) impacts a patient’s speech, core movements and balance, as well as their sensory system. Check it out:) We appreciate all of you sharing Natures Edge and our mission as well as helping us acquisition a new partner in our therapy.
Follow the link to vote!
If you don’t have Facebook, but would still like to vote for Nature’s Edge, you can email daily to help us win a Gypsy Vanner Horse!