Dear Friend,

The schedule book at Nature’s Edge lists appointments by first names.  As I sit at my desk, glancing through tomorrow’s schedule name by name, a story opens around each name.  I remember the first session and the initial challenges observed, first goals, faltering steps forward, setbacks overcome and goals achieved.  Some had unintelligible speech or no speech; others wouldn’t sit still for even a few seconds or tolerate any form of sensory restriction.  Another wouldn’t take a bath and wasn’t potty-trained at five years old.  One is struggling to recover from a devastating accident; two others were limited by the inability to implement social skills.  So many challenges . . . so much progress, and yet more ground to cover.

Many of our patients would not have achieved what they have accomplished without receiving therapy at Nature’s Edge, where intensive treatment provided by licensed therapists is blended with nature and animals.  Parents and caregivers often tell us that they had tried traditional therapy for their loved ones, but were unable to achieve progress until they came to Nature’s Edge.  However, many of our patients would not have been able to afford therapy at Nature’s Edge without scholarship help.   It’s not because we are more expensive than other facilities; therapy at Nature’s Edge actually costs less than at other clinics.  It’s because for most families, we are an out-of-network provider.  It’s because of the current healthcare climate and the nature of coverage for disabilities – which are neither injury nor illness but rather present at birth.  It’s because finances are tight for families with loved ones with disabilities.  For many patients, receiving therapy at Nature’s Edge is possible only because of the generosity and concern of other people.

At Nature’s Edge, we see day by day that our intensive, one-on-one therapy sessions, interaction with nature and our animals, and the homelike atmosphere of the ranch, dramatically accelerate our patients’ progress, the majority of whom are children.  Please accept our invitation to share in the joy of obstacles overcome, goals achieved, of increased living skills and greater independence for our patients.  Consider making a matching donation to impact the life of one or several of our patients.  Your generosity is a gift of essential life skills and hope for the future!

Grateful for your partnership,

Becky Payne, MATCCC/SLP/HPCS – Director


*Donation checks can be made out to “Rice Lake Community Health Foundation” with “Nature’s Edge” in the memo and mailed to us at 2523 14 3/4 Ave., Rice Lake, WI 54868 or you can donate here:

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