We recently welcomed the newest addition to our team! Thanks to everyone who shared and voted for Nature’s Edge through LexLin’s Gypsy Gift program we were able to add a new therapy horse to our program.
LexLin has donated 45 horses to PATH premiere accredited centers across the US since 2009. This year, over 80 centers were nominated. To win a Gypsy Gift Horse, Nature’s Edge competed in a Facebook contest where we had to get daily votes to stay in the top 20 centers. With all the wonderful support we ended the contest in 13th place with 11,790 votes!
Becky, our founder, director, and SLP, and her daughter Courtney had the opportunity to fly to Tennessee to pick which horse would join the Nature’s Edge team. While there were many great choices, Chloe caught their eye with her sweet disposition and friendly nature.
On July 22nd Becky and Barb, a board member, went back to Tennessee to attend the Passing of the Lead ceremony where Chloe officially became part of Nature’s Edge. After the ceremony Chloe started her journey home where she was reunited with her friend Simba. Simba came to us from LexLin back in January and was happy to have his buddy back. He’s been a great protector when one of the other horses tries to bully Chloe.
Gypsy Vanners are very well suited for therapy horses because of their build, temperament, size, and love for people. At Nature’s Edge we carefully choose our horses for their temperament and the type of movement they produce. All are specifically trained for their unique role within therapy sessions and are guided by professional horse handlers, which optimizes safety and effectiveness. The horse through Hippotherapy (only completed by a trained Speech, Occupational or Physical Therapist) impacts a patient’s speech, core movements and balance, as well as their sensory system. The Gypsies fit these requirements wonderfully.
On September 9 Nature’s Edge would like to welcome everyone to an Open House to meet our new Gypsy Vanner! The event runs from 12-3pm at Nature’s Edge. We will have lunch and refreshments available: pulled pork sandwiches, chips, dessert, and root beer, along with presentations from Keith Dawson of Thrivent Financial (who are ever so kindly sponsoring the event), Josy Wood our horse trainer, and Dr. Rebecca Blotz of Chetek Vet Clinic.
You can view our open house flier here!
We hope to see you there!