We are honored to announce that the Rice Lake Community Health Foundation (RLCHF) has generously awarded Nature’s Edge a matching grant of $20,000 designated to patient scholarships. This matching grant has the potential to benefit at least 11 patients with 12 therapy sessions each at no cost. The award of the $20,000 matching grant is a huge leap of progress, but it is “Step One” in a two-step process. In order to secure $20,000 of scholarships for our patients, Nature’s Edge donors must contribute matching funds. However, the match for every donation is better than dollar-for-dollar! RLCHF is offering to match every $1 contributed by our donors with $1.50 of scholarship funds. To bring home the entire $20,000 scholarship package, Nature’s Edge Therapy Center must raise $13,333. RLCHF is prepared to begin distribution of matching funds as of September 15, 2017. My special request to you is to respond as generously and quickly as possible with a donation so that we can begin to distribute scholarships to our patients right after Sept. 15!