Simba is settling in very nicely here at Nature’s Edge. We have been working him into the schedule for training and he is responding extremely well. He was even brought in on a therapy session working on ground work and desensitizing and did amazing! Simba has also had the pleasure of meeting all his herd mates. He was separated from the big bad bully Boo until the footing cleared up, and about a week ago he had his chance. Up until then we had them separated into two groups and introduced Simba to all his new friends without the threat of being bullied, but about a week ago the footing in the pasture cleared up enough to allow everyone to mingle together. They were all so happy that they took off frolicking through the pasture until Big Bad Boo realized he had a new herd mate and the chase began. After a little bit of running and Boo establishing that he was top of the herd (right behind Svali that is) they all settled down to munch on what little grass they could find and some hay. They’ve all been hanging out together in one big happy group since then.