Are you interested in volunteering? Here at Nature’s Edge we are always in need of volunteers.

  • Do you like to garden?
  • Do you like to spend time with animals?
  • Do you have organizational skills?

If you answered “Yes!” to any of these questions, we invite you to join our team, enhance your skills and contribute to our success.  Volunteers perform integral roles at our center.  In fact, it would be impossible for us to achieve our mission without them.
Volunteering Opportunities include:

  • Facility maintenanceIMG_5037
  •  Small animal care and feeding
  •  New construction
  •  Large animal care and feeding
  •  Assisting in fundraising
  •  Tack care
  •  Assisting in therapy sessions, including hippotherapy sidewalkers
  •  General cleaning
  •  Gardening/landscaping
  •  Stable attendant

If you would like to volunteer at Nature’s Edge, please complete both the “Volunteer Intake Forms” and the “Background Information Disclosure (BID)” forms and return them to the center.
A word from our volunteers
What our volunteers have to say about us…
“This summer was the first year I came to volunteer here and I have to say, it was one of the best decisions I have made. Everyone at Nature’s Edge is so wonderful! They always let you know how grateful they are for everyone’s hard work. I am super glad I came to Nature’s Edge and I will definitely be coming back!”
“Love this place! In all the time I’ve spent here volunteering not a second went to waste. 🙂 I have also seen how much they help their patients. Truly amazing what they do here.”
“I have volunteered my time helping out with client group activities, photography, side walking,and grooming/exercising the animals! I have seen amazing treatment/activities given by the therapists to increase the self confidence and the progress of the clients abilities! The volunteers/staff are so welcoming and friendly. The scenery, nature, and farm animals are so calming and soothing! I usually come to volunteer 1-2 times a week! Volunteering here has helped my self confidence, mood and exercise in many abundant ways! I really love coming to this amazingly awesome, Nature’s Edge Therapy center!”
“Love this place!  In all the time I’ve spent here volunteering no a second went to waste. 🙂 I have also seen how much they help their patients.  Truly amazing what they do here.”
“I had a good time and I helped with the horses. I got to eat lunch with the Reminiscing on the Farm group. Gymir is my favorite horse!”
“I had a great time at Nature’s Edge. I hope to come again. It was fun grooming the horses and to meet new people. I made some new friends. I hope next time I come it will be as fun as today!”
“It was awesome to tell the Seniors stories about the animals. The animals seemed like they had fun to. The Seniors seemed like they had fun. It was really cool to see the animals and
Seniors interact with each other.”